Friendly Robinson, The Dad Realtor

Aaron Robinson is an experienced Realtor whom I know well from my networking group. He is just about the friendliest guy you will ever meet, making his Friendly Robinson brand completely authentic. His goal is to build relationships first which naturally lead to sales. A native of Colorado Springs, husband, father of three, and community […]

ADMI 10 Year Report

ADMI Annual Report

The ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss (ADMI) is a global nonprofit that helps small farmers keep more of their harvest fresh longer with good management techniques. Their vision is to alleviate poverty and hunger while promoting research, outreach, education, and environmental sustainability. My client Sarah Bingaman Schwartz brought me in at the […]

Dependable Professional Logo

When you hire a carpet cleaner, what do you want most? Dory and Kerry Hornsby believe that you want open communication, timely service, and cleaning chemicals that are safe for your family and pets. This is a rebranding project. The Hornsbys bought an existing business partly to leave a legacy for their two children. They […]

Pollinators Website

Illinois Pollinators home page

We all know that pollinators are good. For the causal gardener, the question is how to encourage pollinators to visit. To answer that question, Studio 2D was engaged to create a website that brings science, planning, tips, and more to the general population. The interface is beautiful and easy to navigate, because that’s what we […]

Connected Paths Coaching

Connected Paths logo

Dr. Tara Alexander started her coaching business trying to do everything herself. She used a business card template from an online printer and was unhappy with it. The design didn’t resonate with the way she wanted to present herself. We were introduced by a mutual friend and we immediately began talking about her vision for […]

Krannert Center Posters

The Revolutionists poster

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is recognized as the nation’s premier university-based performing arts center. Every year numerous performances of dance, music, and theater take place in its various venues. The Great Hall welcomes world class performers who rave about the acoustics. The intimate Studio Theater in the black box style is perfect for […]

Insta Balloon Creation

Insta Balloon Creation logo

This is one of those “only in America” stories. Nazar Gozeh and Sana Sabir immigrated from northern Iraq over 25 years ago. They both took classes, and Nazar earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering that allowed him to work a dream job for the State Department. They have three children, two of whom […]

SCWCC Magazine

A team of independent contractors produced the 2022 Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine. CEO Lola Woloch chose Gretchen to design the magazine. Previous editions had been published by an outside firm, but Lola knew she had the talent within the SCWCC itself. The business magazine is mailed to thousands of business professionals […]



Studio 2D designed the logo and branding for the Conservation Inclusive Construction and Development Archive (CICADA). Obviously a cicada is the star of the show, along with an assortment of living things surrounding a house and a building. The goal of the website is to make it easy for homeowners and developers in Illinois to […]

CICADA Website

Website design for great customer experiences

In collaboration with 2wav, Studio 2D designed the website for the Conservation Inclusive Construction and Development Archive (CICADA). The goal of the website is to make it easy for homeowners and developers in Illinois to find the best information on making wildlife friendly habitats. The home page features a banner photo showing how a beautiful […]

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