Dependable Professional Logo

When you hire a carpet cleaner, what do you want most? Dory and Kerry Hornsby believe that you want open communication, timely service, and cleaning chemicals that are safe for your family and pets.

This is a rebranding project. The Hornsbys bought an existing business partly to leave a legacy for their two children. They came to Studio 2D for a fresh look that better conveyed their vision. One goal was to transition from the name “Dependable Professional” to simply DP.  Studio 2D provided two versions of the logo to accomplish that transition.

The color palette is fresh and clean. Because they also do restoration after water damage, representing water was important. The leaves represent the botanical cleaning agents that are environmentally safe, and also their family of four.

The design of the van was of utmost concern, because it’s a moving billboard for their company. You will also see below business cards and a set of social media graphics that are part of our visual branding package.

Because Studio 2D provides all necessary branding assets, their web designer was able to implement the new design easily.


Studio 2D