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Dr. Tara Alexander started her coaching business trying to do everything herself. She used a business card template from an online printer and was unhappy with it. The design didn’t resonate with the way she wanted to present herself. We were introduced by a mutual friend and we immediately began talking about her vision for the business.

We scheduled a strategy session, and the objective that we agreed upon was showing diversity. Her strength is getting companies to communicate across a diverse workforce. She had a generic illustration of a tree with interconnected roots. We both liked the symbolism, but we wanted those roots to blossom into a beautiful tree of diversity.

Once the logo was approved, I designed the rest of the branding package: a business card, social media graphics, a name tag, and a style guide with color palette. The logo has 3 orientations and can be used on 3 different background colors. She also asked for an infographic showing the areas of communication she can help with.

Communication Coaching Coat of Arms Infographic
Communication Coaching Coat of Arms Infographic
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