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We all know that pollinators are good. For the causal gardener, the question is how to encourage pollinators to visit. To answer that question, Studio 2D was engaged to create a website that brings science, planning, tips, and more to the general population. The interface is beautiful and easy to navigate, because that’s what we do.

The Pollinator Plant Selector is a custom-coded tool to help design a garden with individualized parameters. Filter all available plants by soil moisture and sunlight, then add your personal preferences of bloom color and month of bloom. Then add a height range and voila! You are presented with a list of matching plants.

If you’d rather have the planning done for you, the website offers three garden plans by a professional landscape designer. Once you have made your choices, each plant has its own page with more description and details.

If you’re interested, you can dig deeper into the science of pollinators. In addition, the Community Science section offers hands-on opportunities for curious people of all ages.

Studio 2D designed this website for Ryan Pankau and his team of entomologists and botanists at the University of Illinois Extension. This is an ongoing project with more resources being added periodically. It was created entirely in Elementor. The selector tool is a plugin customized by our friends at 2wav.

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Illinois Pollinators home page

Plants pollinators use selector tool

Pollinator Habitat Design page

Design page for a shade garden

Individual plant page with description and stats

Importance of Pollinators page

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