ADMI 10 Year Report

ADMI Annual Report

The ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss (ADMI) is a global nonprofit that helps small farmers keep more of their harvest fresh longer with good management techniques. Their vision is to alleviate poverty and hunger while promoting research, outreach, education, and environmental sustainability.

My client Sarah Bingaman Schwartz brought me in at the get-go to design a logo and help them set up the website. Over a 10 year period I worked with Sarah on publications, conference materials, and reports, culminating in this 10 year report.

The design is heavy on infographics that chart the institute’s highlights and history. These reports were printed and distributed. Selected spreads are shown here. Also, a flipbook was posted online (see below).


infographic and letter from the director


history of ADMI infographic


editorial spread


global partners


Flip book:

online flip book

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