Museum IPM Guide

Museum IPM book with promotional swag

How do you keep pests from destroying priceless artifacts? Author and Collections Manager at Spurlock Museum Christa Deacy-Quinn says, start with housekeeping. Her guidebook to controlling pests in a a museum setting is based on integrated pest management, or IPM.

Because the subject matter is not very glamorous, she wanted the graphics to add some pizazz. The manuscript I received had written on the front page in all caps: “MAKE IT LOOK COOL.” For the book design, we agreed on bright colors, modern typography, an open layout, and lots of infographics and photos.

The guide starts with step by step instructions with pictures and flow charts. The back of the book contains details on each pest you are likely to find in a museum setting.

The resulting book is something Christa is excited to promote. She also asked me to design some notecards, buttons, and stickers to help get the word out.

Who knows how many works of art will be saved by following this guide.

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