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logo design

Sometimes a logo needs a refresh to keep up with an evolving business. This is one of those cases. Bettina von Ruxleben, founder of Brodtmann Consulting, came to Studio 2D looking for a visual rebrand. (I had worked with Bettina on the Vivid Leaf logo and branding.) This was the old logo:

old logo before brand makeover

She wanted a logo that was elegant and polished enough to represent a mature, international business. A big part of her business is a suite of online products that she has developed, so the logo had to have a digital aspect.

We went through many iterations, and her team members were involved with each stage to ensure full buy-in. In the end, they choose a logo that carried the circle and monogram from the old logo. The typeface is another clean sans serif. To that I added a burst of pixels. The new colors exude luxury.

Below you can see the logo in its full array of options. Below that is a one-page style guide with a color palette and typography specifications. At the bottom is the logo in use on the new website, designed in-house.

The Brodtmann team took my vector file and had the logo animated for their website and some videos. The result is smashing.

Studio 2D design logos sample style guide page logo in a website

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