Design Principles: Texture

A subtle and often overlooked design principle is texture. Derived from the Latin word meaning “to weave,” texture arises from interwoven or layered parts.

Textures are more appealing than unadorned surfaces and ask to be touched. They can draw a viewer in by asking questions or revealing answers. Texture adds interest, depth, and mystery. In music or literature, sounds or words are interwoven to create texture. Most high-end brands use luxurious textures to convey quality.

Textures can be

  • plush
  • velvety
  • glossy
  • deep
  • smooth
  • rough
  • sharp
  • shimmery
  • metallic
  • crusty
  • plasticy
  • cracked
  • flaky
  • glassy
  • matte

Upscale retail shops, salons, or spas must show awareness of texture.

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