Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is the premier open-source content management system (CMS). WordPress allows web developers of any skill level to build a website with database functionality, making frequent updating, archiving, and blogging simple and easy. WordPress powers over 25% of all websites, including those of top companies like Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, CNN, and eBay.

WordPress is free to download, and its dashboard interface allows the website manager to choose from a vast number of free, vetted visual themes. Through the use of plugins, the site owner can add additional functionality and customization to the front and back ends of the site. Most popular themes are fully responsive for mobile and tablet users. With so many features already built in, choosing WordPress can save weeks or months of time versus developing a comparable site from scratch.

While WordPress makes building a site easy for the casual developer, consider these points to be certain it’s the right choice for you:

• WordPress may be too bulky and needlessly slow down your site if you don’t have a great deal of content to manage. If you have a static site with only a few pages or less, using WordPress is overkill, and will unnecessarily bump up load times for visitors.

• If your website is very complex, requiring an extremely precise design or functionality, WordPress may not be flexible enough to easily achieve your needs. WordPress is highly customizable, but for some purposes, starting from scratch is more efficient than manipulating prewritten code.

This website is a WordPress site. We chose WordPress because we can easily post new portfolio pieces and blog articles so that our site stays fresh. Talk to us if you think WordPress is for you. We’d love to customize the design for you.

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