ADMI 10 Year Report

ADMI Annual Report

The ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss (ADMI) is a global nonprofit that helps small farmers keep more of their harvest fresh longer with good management techniques. Their vision is to alleviate poverty and hunger while promoting research, outreach, education, and environmental sustainability. My client Sarah Bingaman Schwartz brought me in at the […]

SCWCC Magazine

A team of independent contractors produced the 2022 Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Business Magazine. CEO Lola Woloch chose Gretchen to design the magazine. Previous editions had been published by an outside firm, but Lola knew she had the talent within the SCWCC itself. The business magazine is mailed to thousands of business professionals […]

Museum IPM Guide

Museum IPM book with promotional swag

How do you keep pests from destroying priceless artifacts? Author and Collections Manager at Spurlock Museum Christa Deacy-Quinn says, start with housekeeping. Her guidebook to controlling pests in a a museum setting is based on integrated pest management, or IPM. Because the subject matter is not very glamorous, she wanted the graphics to add some […]

Pavlov Media

cover design

Pavlov Media was between designers, and Studio 2D was called in to complete a few essential projects. We were working with an established brand. Using the existing logo and colors, we produced a variety of professional, high quality marketing pieces, including this presentation folder, brochure, and website.

Studio 2D