Growing Opportunities for Design Consulting

John Rousseau of Creative Review makes the case for expanding opportunities for design consultancy—as long as a few challenges can be overcome.

Introducing design into existing companies is complex and expensive. For the best results, design thinking cannot be treated as a fad to be discarded for the next business fad that comes along.

Design teams are groups of people that produce unpredictable yet brilliant results. They are a collection of experts and generalists, and together are greater than the sum of their parts.

Clients of designers are expecting more transparency. They want to be part of the process, to learn about design, to integrate what they have learned into their companies.

Some big opportunities for design firms are: small businesses who don’t have an in-house design team, established businesses who want to quickly ramp up innovation, struggling companies who need help reinventing themselves, and enterprise software with millions of neglected users.

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