Design Strategy

Design Strategy

design: to form or conceive in the mind for a definite purpose

strategy: a plan for obtaining a specific goal or result

More and more companies are using design strategy as a business tool. Design is more than making something look nice superficially. It is a creative process that has a clear goal in mind, and identifies steps to reaching it. Good design is also beautiful because it is focused, unified in purpose, and easy to understand. Excellent design can excite people and even create a passionate bond.

A design strategist does more than make things look nice. Most graphic designers can do that. A design strategist starts with understanding your mission, your ideal audience, and your goals. Design strategy involves hours of research and years of experience. Design driven businesses attract customers easily, engage authentically, build loyalty, and grow profitably.

What can design strategy do for me?

If your competitors are not using design strategy…

You can immediately establish your business or organization as best in class.

If your competitors are using design strategy…

You must position your organization strategically to maintain market share or to grow.

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