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Design Strategy

Design Strategy

design: to form or conceive in the mind for a definite purpose

strategy: a plan for obtaining a specific goal or result

More and more companies are using design strategy as a business tool. Design is more than making something look nice superficially. It is a creative process that has a clear goal in mind, and identifies steps to reaching it. Good design is also beautiful because it is focused, unified in purpose, and easy to understand. Excellent design can excite people and even create a passionate bond.

The marketplace is getting more and more competitive. Design driven businesses stand out among their competitors. If your competitors are already using design, you have to, too, just to stay even. If your competitors are not fully exploiting design, you have the opportunity to take the lead, even if you are a new business. Here are a couple of case studies of entrepreneurs who are doing just that.

If you’d like to know more about how design strategy can transform your business and your life, I recommend the book Glimmer by Warren Berger.

Or dive in right now and try the creative process on a problem or goal you are wrestling with.

Contact Gretchen today to discuss how design can be part of your business strategy.

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