Creativity Triggers

Need to jumpstart the creative process? Here are some ways to spark your imagination:

  • Synthesis: add something. Introduce a new element, either similar or completely different.
  • Subtraction: take something away. Make it simpler, purer. Reduce it to the bare essence.
  • Connection: make connections from your subject to other subjects. Keep moving outward until you find a connection that no one has made before.
  • Sheer quantity: how many ways can you think of to approach the problem? Use a sketchbook to come up with 100 possibilities.
  • Nature: the source of creativity. Get as close to nature as your environment will allow. Let yourself become immersed in it.
  • Complementary medium: for a different perspective on your problem. If you are a visual artist, listen to music. If you are in business, go to a museum. If you are a writer, examine architecture. You get the idea.
  • Take a nap: your subconscious mind works while you sleep.


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