Creativity by Quantity

One way to accomplish a creative breakthrough is by sheer quantity of solutions. Set a goal of coming up with 100 ways to solve the problem. You will quickly go though all the obvious answers and clichés, and soon enter the realm of the ridiculous. In order to reach 100, you will be forced to think creatively. Because few people will push themselves as far, you will very likely have some ideas that no one has thought of before. Furthermore, all the unique experiences and thoughts that only you can bring to the exercise will make your list of 100 uniquely different from anyone else’s.

Once you have your 100, a few ideas might pop out as having the best potential. If not, you’ll have to go through the list more systematically. The ideas that are the farthest out there might even be worth pursuing, so don’t automatically cross them off.

Yes, this method can be time-consuming and mentally taxing. It can also be loads of fun, especially in a group.

If your destination is true creativity, don’t get off at the first exit.

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