Creative Advertising Gets Results

Creative advertising gets more attention from consumers and fosters positive attitudes about the marketed product. Ask any marketing professional, and they’ll tell you that creative ads are more memorable, more cost-effective, and build your product’s fan base faster.

Harvard Business Review developed a consumer survey that defined five dimensions of perceived creativity in advertising. Applying these definitions, they were able to examine consumer responses to each type of creativity. They described these five types:

Originality: The ad has unique and surprising elements, and presents an “out of the ordinary” scenario.

Flexibility: The ad shifts between several ideas or scenarios, often demonstrating different uses for the product.

Elaboration: The ad emphasizes intricate or unexpected details, or expands simple ideas into complex ones.

Synthesis: The ad connects normally unrelated ideas or objects to create unusual scenarios.

Artistic Value: The ad is aesthetically appealing. The production quality is high, and may include beautiful visuals, memorable music, or clever dialogue.

The researchers found that more creative campaigns were more effective overall, but that certain dimensions of creativity drove purchases more than others. The most effective combination was Originality + Elaboration. Read the full results at

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