7 Design Principles Inspired by Zen

What do all of the most memorable and beloved designs have in common? It’s not just innovation, creativity, or simplicity alone. Whatever it is can’t be distilled down to only one factor. Matthew May (fastcodesign.com) writes that the key to excellent design may be described by seven principles inspired by Zen Buddhism. These principles, which he names “the shibumi seven,” pinpoint those elements that can’t fully be described by one English word.

Each Zen concept is discussed in the context of popular products and media that employ it. Koko and kanso relate to us that good designs include only what is necessary and let frivolous elements make way for important ones. Yugen and fukinsei show us how to pique the consumer’s interest and allow users to interact with the design. Shizen and seijaku remind us to embrace natural patterns and allow creativity to flow without being forced. And datsuzoku points out that nothing grabs our attention like a break from the ordinary.

Read the full article here and consider how Zen principles could make your next design project successful.

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