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Studio 2D designed the logo and branding for the Conservation Inclusive Construction and Development Archive (CICADA). Obviously a cicada is the star of the show, along with an assortment of living things surrounding a house and a building.

The goal of the website is to make it easy for homeowners and developers in Illinois to find the best information on making wildlife friendly habitats. The logo is colorful and fun, showing the abundance that good environmental practices bring. A color palette of bright, yet natural, colors amps up the appeal of the logo and website.

The website, developed in collaboration with 2wav, is discussed in a separate post.

Visit the website.

Aha Escape Rooms logo

Aha! Escape Rooms

Escape rooms can be a fun family adventure. Many people think they are just for nerds and geeks.

Dawn Lingold and her husband Ken had been running a successful escape room business named Locked In Escapes for several years when they decided to expand. Dawn asked Studio 2D to design the logo and branding for their new business, named Aha! Escape Rooms.

The most important element of the brand needed to be “fun.” Their audience is families, including people of all ages. That led us to the playful color palette you see on the left. A gradient brought all the colors together in a dynamic way. After experimenting with several script fonts, we settled on Blazing Italic which has the energy and excitement the Lingolds want to convey.

The Studio 2D branding package also includes design for a Facebook business page cover image, a business card, and a starter set of social media graphics.

logo design

Brodtmann Consulting

Sometimes a logo needs a refresh to keep up with an evolving business. This is one of those cases. Bettina von Ruxleben, founder of Brodtmann Consulting, came to Studio 2D looking for a visual rebrand. (I had worked with Bettina on the Vivid Leaf logo and branding.) This was the old logo:

The old Brodtmann Consulting logo

She wanted a logo that was elegant and polished enough to represent a mature, international business. A big part of her business is a suite of online products that she has developed, so the logo had to have a digital aspect.

We went through many iterations, and her team members were involved with each stage to ensure full buy-in. In the end, they choose a logo that carried the circle and monogram from the old logo. The typeface is another clean sans serif. To that I added a burst of pixels. The new colors exude luxury.

To the left you can see the logo in its full array of options. Below that is a one-page style guide with a color palette and typography specifications. At the bottom is the logo in use on the new website, designed in house.

The Brodtmann team took my vector file and had the logo animated for their website and some videos. The result is smashing.


Hunt Illinois website design

Hunt Illinois

In collaboration with 2wav, Studio 2D designed this comprehensive hunting website for Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This is an example of a “web app” that works beautifully on a phone without having to download a separate app. Just go to the URL.

Hunt Illinois has lots of resources, and a custom made license finder that walks you through a series of questions to help you find the exact license you are looking for.Hunt Illinois logo

The logo and branding was an integral part of the project.

The following is the press release:

“The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) announced the launch of the new Hunt Illinois website—an online resource for Illinois residents and visitors to the state interested in hunting in the Land of Lincoln.

“The website includes information on Illinois hunting seasons, places to hunt, licenses and permits needed, hunting and trapping regulations, hunter harvest reporting, hunter safety, wildlife management, and conservation programs.

“The new Hunt Illinois website is an easy-to-use one-stop resource for hunters to find just about everything they need to know about planning a hunt, no matter the species, no matter the season,” said IDNR Hunter Heritage Program Manager Jared Duquette.

“The new website was developed by the IDNR in cooperation with the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center, with funding support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife Restoration Program.”

Visit the website.

logo design

Vivid Leaf

Vivid Leaf is a company that brings sustainability to private clubs and resorts.

Their platform allows clubs, resorts, hotels, and restaurants to optimize resource usage. Member clubs can share their creative ideas for others to pick up on. The Vivid Leaf certification program is the industry’s most comprehensive.

Studio 2D consulted with the owners to develop branding that was elegant and upscale, appropriate for their resort customers. The whole system, including certification seals, was designed to elevate the club’s public image. Why not get good public relations from protecting the environment for future generations!

One club owner told my client that he never displays seals or certificates, but the Vivid Leaf certification looked so good he was proud to show it!

logo design

Veterans Treatment Alliance

The VTA is “dedicated to the men, women, and their families, who have served or are serving our country, and are often isolated and lost in transition.”


logo design

Outside the Box Marketing

Cynthia Halverson wanted a logo that expressed her desire to work outside of comfort zones–her own and her clients’. We ended up with bright colors and artistic brushstrokes. This branding package includes logos, a color palette, and the colorful background image. I also set up a SquareSpace website which was quick and easy. Cynthia has already used the branding elements to create her own marketing pieces.

logo design

ArNav Verticals

ArNav Verticals was founded by military professionals to help military professionals. The logo includes references to the Army and Navy, combining to uplift service members in civilian careers. Many young companies could use the discipline and detail driven qualities instilled by military service, and many retired military people have these valuable qualities. The problem is these two groups don’t know how to reach each other or communicate once they connect. ArNav Verticals strives to facilitate the movement of the best former service members into the private sector.

The design objectives were: strong, serious, businesslike.

storefront signage design

Manitou Springs Heritage Center

The Heritage Center had a logo that was provided for free by a student years ago. It had an old-timey, wild west look that wasn’t helping the perception of the organization. The storefront wasn’t visible to people driving by, and even to those standing right across the street! READ MORE

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