Outlines, drop shadows, and gradients, oh my!

how to design a logo

What makes a good logo? In my opinion, simplicity, appropriateness, and uniqueness. I drive around town and see many poorly designed logos. Some are too complex, some don’t reflect the business appropriately, and some are clichés.

Great Design Puts People First

everyday things

Book Review: The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman Have you ever been confused by a piece of technology? We know electronics can be complicated, but what about the shower in a hotel room? If you have failed to figure out how something works, you are not dumb. The fault is with the designer! […]

Design to the Rescue at LaGuardia

La Guardia restroom

The restrooms got a major makeover at LaGuardia Airport, reports the Wall Street Journal: The design is getting a lot of attention. Instead of a countertop that typically is wet and dirty, trough-style sinks have an outer edge that slopes down toward the drain. There’s a shelf above for bags, but no countertop for puddles. […]

How Do You Choose a Restaurant?

I’m good at picking restaurants. Long before Yelp I used my own method of choosing a restaurant based on its typography. My husband and I don’t like chains, even though you can be assured of consistency. In our travels, we’d rather throw the dice on a one-of-a-kind restaurant. When I find good typography on the […]

Case Study: Selling More Chocolate

from the Wall Street Journal article by Elizabeth Holmes When Godiva wanted to get people to eat more chocolate, it had an 85-year brand history to overcome.

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