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website design

CICADA Website

In collaboration with 2wav, Studio 2D designed the website for the Conservation Inclusive Construction and Development Archive (CICADA). The goal of the website is to make it easy for homeowners and developers in Illinois to find the best information on making wildlife friendly habitats.

The home page features a banner photo showing how a beautiful habitat enhances a building. Two “easy” buttons bring the user into the archive itself. You can also explore the featured projects.

Once in the residential or commercial archive, options are presented for broad categories. Once a category is selected, specific projects are offered. Drilling down one more layer leads to some general information and links to publications with more details. You can alternatively go to the Resources page and see everything sorted by topic.

The logo is discussed in a separate post.

Visit the website.

Hunt Illinois website design

Hunt Illinois

In collaboration with 2wav, Studio 2D designed this comprehensive hunting website for Illinois Department of Natural Resources. This is an example of a “web app” that works beautifully on a phone without having to download a separate app. Just go to the URL.

Hunt Illinois has lots of resources, and a custom made license finder that walks you through a series of questions to help you find the exact license you are looking for.Hunt Illinois logo

The logo and branding was an integral part of the project.

The following is the press release:

“The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) announced the launch of the new Hunt Illinois website—an online resource for Illinois residents and visitors to the state interested in hunting in the Land of Lincoln.

“The website includes information on Illinois hunting seasons, places to hunt, licenses and permits needed, hunting and trapping regulations, hunter harvest reporting, hunter safety, wildlife management, and conservation programs.

“The new Hunt Illinois website is an easy-to-use one-stop resource for hunters to find just about everything they need to know about planning a hunt, no matter the species, no matter the season,” said IDNR Hunter Heritage Program Manager Jared Duquette.

“The new website was developed by the IDNR in cooperation with the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center, with funding support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife Restoration Program.”

Visit the website.

electrician's web design

Electrical FX

Electrical FX is a company owned by my brother-in-law Paul Roscoe, a master electrician. His business operates out of Mundelein, Illinois.

He recently asked me to add a spam filter because he was getting some strange inquiries through his web form. That reminded me what a nice job we had a done a few years back for his single page website. This is entirely hand-coded because Paul has no desire to maintain a blog or make frequent updates. For a brochure style website, hand coding is quick and cost effective.

This website is fully responsive.

For a small business that needs a web presence immediately without much overhead cost, this is the way to go.

logo design

Outside the Box Marketing

Cynthia Halverson wanted a logo that expressed her desire to work outside of comfort zones–her own and her clients’. We ended up with bright colors and artistic brushstrokes. This branding package includes logos, a color palette, and the colorful background image. I also set up a SquareSpace website which was quick and easy. Cynthia has already used the branding elements to create her own marketing pieces.

web design

Illinois Water Resources Center

The Illinois Water Resources Center, as part of the University of Illinois Extension, works with scientists, water professionals, and communities to address the state’s water resource challenges. This WordPress website organizes the many community initiatives, research grants, and publication archives that the Center supports.

logo design

Illinois Mediation Services

Bianca Green was an experienced litigator and partner in a law firm when she decided to start her own mediation business. She wanted to shake up the adversarial approach to contract and divorce disputes. Bianca told me that her logo, website, and introduction material should look like a bold, fresh statement in the traditional world of law firms.

Her logo represents anger and conflict, gently turned around, so that parties can go on with their lives. Green happens to be her last name AND her favorite color.

(Bianca has taken the position of lead counsel for SURS and has closed her mediation business.)

logo design

LED 50 Years

In October of 2o12, the University of Illinois celebrated the 50th anniversary of Nick Holonyak’s invention of the LED.

On October 9, 1962, Illinois alumnus Nick Holonyak Jr. demonstrated the first practical, visible spectrum light-emitting diode (LED) at the GE Advanced Semiconductor Laboratory in Syracuse, New York. His design is the prototype for all high-brightness LEDs made today. Through improvements in crystal manufacturing techniques, researchers—many of whom studied with Holonyak at Illinois—have developed bright-light LEDs in every color, including white. Today, LEDs are everywhere. In 1963, John Bardeen invited his former graduate student to join the faculty at Illinois.

The celebration and symposium required a logo, invitation, website, program, banners, and many other pieces. The original LED light was red, which is why the logo uses a red bulb.

cover design

Pavlov Media

Pavlov Media was between designers, and Studio 2D was called in to complete a few essential projects. We were working with an established brand. Using the existing logo and colors, we produced a variety of professional, high quality marketing pieces, including this presentation folder, brochure, and website.

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