Design Strategy: Case Studies

Designers don’t just make web pages and publications look nice. Good design is all about effective communication. While aesthetics is one side of that coin, strategy is the other. Design strategy is designing with a purpose: targeting an audience, understanding how they think, and creating work they find attractive and engaging. It makes communication focussed, unified in purpose, and easy to understand.

Good design is now the baseline in today’s competitive marketplace. Consumers are more visually dominant than ever, and businesses without a design strategy struggle to capture attention. New businesses can take the lead in established markets by offering excellent design.

Bianca Green and Jill Gawne are two entrepreneurs who both had the experience and expertise to back up their new businesses. Both knew that design strategy was essential to put them a step ahead of their competitors.

Bianca Green is a trial attorney who left her prestigious law firm partnership to start Illinois Mediation Services, Inc. She saw a need for non-adversarial conflict resolution, and knew she had the skills and experience to provide it. Bianca wanted to launch her business with a splash, and knew that good design was essential. She came to Studio 2D for a logo, website, and introductory folder. She recognized that her referral sources would be varied and she wanted to develop marketing materials that would be not only professional but would also reflect her personality. “The client folders are my opportunity to make a great first impression which sets me apart from other mediators. Colleagues and clients alike comment on how impressive they are and I know they reflect the professionalism I bring to the process,” says Bianca.

Jill Gawne, like most entrepreneurs, wanted to be the captain of her own ship when she started Elemental Solutions. She knew she could use her experience and expertise in water treatment to save her customers money and be more environmentally friendly. Her business is service oriented, and all her marketing material is focussed on what Elemental Solutions can do for the customer. Jill needed an identity that said clean technology, with knowledgeable and dependable service. The response has been extremely postitive. Though a new business in the field, she has the presence of a major player.

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