Veterans Treatment Alliance

Veterans Treatment Alliance

The VTA is “dedicated to the men, women, and their families, who have served or are serving our country, and are often isolated and lost in transition.”

The Veterans Treatment Alliance addresses PTSD, the suicide epidemic, and other maladies that plague our veterans. Too many veterans suffer alone, and their families suffer with them. The Veterans Administration is overwhelmed and failing to take care of everyone who needs help.

VTA is a charitable alliance of research universities, innovative technology providers, natural therapy practitioners, and veterans services organizations. VTA’s mission is to research, evaluate, and integrate both emerging and proven technologies, natural therapies, and best practices into an efficient, scalable cognitive, mental, and physical health continuum of care.

The logo that we developed uses a broken dog tag to symbolize a traumatized veteran. Hands are putting the pieces back together. The hands represent family members and other caregivers. Another dog tag with the initials “VTA” is back in one piece, albeit scarred. Although we looked at a variety of color combinations, stakeholders liked the one-color logo for its directness.

The color palette is natural, relaxing, warm, and contains human tones. I chose Archer as the main typeface for its friendliness. (A slight modification to the “V” creates a more compact acronym.) For everything else, I suggested Cabin as a supporting type family. It’s free from Google Fonts and is a visual complement to Archer.


November 5, 2019


Branding, Logos