Live fiber animals are the big draw at Tactile Textile Festival.

The women at Textiles West are passionate about fiber arts. I worked with Liz Kettle and Susan Haldeman to create promotional materials for Tactile: A Textile Festival for Families. We put the animals front and center with custom illustrations. This year we added a yak! The background is a light woven texture, with the name of the festival “cross-stitched.” I layered the colors of natural, plant-based dyes on top. Custom illustrations of marigold and hollyhock, from which the dyes are made, finish up the visuals.

The typography combines easy-to-read Gotham with breezy Good Karma script. The color palette gracefully combines the flowers, leaves, and animal hues.

The marketing package included posters in three sizes, handbills, social media graphics, and a print ad.

There’s a lot going on at Tactile, and the main challenge for this design was to included everything without getting chaotic. Hierarchy, alignment, and balance were key.


October 4, 2019


Illustration, Posters