Dynamic Outdoor Spaces

Dynamic Outdoor Spaces

This is how I helped Diana Matlack of Dynamic Outdoor Spaces appeal to an upscale clientele.

She had a professionally designed logo that wasn’t quite right, and started designing the brochure herself. A mutual friend introduced us. In our first phone call, she and her partner Jeff Cave described  their target market as high-end homeowners in Florida who wanted truly extraordinary outdoor spaces to entertain and bond with family. They would design and build the architecture and landscaping necessary for these environments. Their aesthetic was rooted in mid-century modern.

I helped them arrive at two color palettes—one classic, one muted—that were both compatible with mid-century modern. Simply adjusting colors on their logo made it much more to their liking, and they also liked a more architectural version that I presented. The style guide allows for both color palettes and both logos to work in harmony.

The typeface I choose for DOS is Neutraface, designed by architect Richard Neutra who was part of the mid-century design movement. Perfect!

Once the style guide was approved, I designed a brochure with their stunning photos, and fine-tuned their website to look professional and consistent. The project was finished off with business cards and a yard sign to extend the branding.


July 6, 2019


Branding, Logos, Websites