Dolly and Kenny

Dolly and Kenny

The Manitou Art Center has a gala each year called MACnificent. During my term on the board of directors, I designed the theme and promotional materials for all our events. Our brainstorming for 2019 resulted in a “cheesy” theme. These illustration were fun to draw, especially adding lots of sequins.

On the left you can see a few of the applications of the Dolly and Kenny illustrations. At the entrance to the gala, we hung huge banners which were later auctioned off. We had signature drinks: the Dolly was a champagne cocktail and the Kenny was bourbon and soda. A costume contest awarded prizes to the best Kenny and the best Dolly. And to top off the cheesiness we had a mac ’n’ cheese bar.

Throw in some live music for a fun—albeit cheesy—party. Proceeds benefited the Manitou Art Center.


September 21, 2020