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Museum IPM book with promotional swag

Museum IPM Guide

How do you keep pests from destroying priceless artifacts? Author and Collections Manager at Spurlock Museum Christa Deacy-Quinn says, start with housekeeping. Her guidebook to controlling pests in a a museum setting is based on integrated pest management, or IPM.

Because the subject matter is not very glamorous, she wanted the graphics to add some pizazz. The manuscript I received had written on the front page in all caps: “MAKE IT LOOK COOL.” We agreed on bright colors, modern typography, an open layout, and lots of infographics and photos.

The guide starts with step by step instructions with pictures and flow charts. The back of the book contains details on each pest you are likely to find in a museum setting.

The resulting book is something Christa is excited to promote. She also asked me to design some notecards, buttons, and stickers to help get the word out.

Who knows how many works of art will be saved by following this guide.


Timeline Infographic

Timelines can be boring or interesting. Here you see the timeline created by Studio 2D above the raw text provide by the client. To make it fun to look at notice these techniques:

  • Full color background
  • Icons added where appropriate
  • A variety of colors
  • Decades handled differently from individual years
  • A hierarchy of styles that draws you in

Even the most valuable information will be ignored if it’s dense or confusing.

custom illustrations

Hand Control Illustrations

These illustrations were created for a retired police office who is publishing a book on techniques for safely restraining suspects. Now more than ever our law enforcement needs effective ways of deescalating tense situations. In this case, illustrations were more clear than photos.


Toolkit for Thriving

Be Well Lead Well is a program developed by Wisdom Works to help leaders do more than succeed. It helps them thrive. This is a holistic program that addresses every aspect of health and leadership to be more effective in your organization, personal life, and the world.

“Using proprietary tools, next practices, and our decades of experience, we partner with you to craft and execute a custom plan for building a culture of thriving to achieve your business results in the healthiest way possible.”–from the website

This program has four dimensions of thriving, and the additional component of amplifying. I worked with CEO Renee Moorefield to develop icons, and then put them into a comprehensive one-page infographic to help potential leaders understand the program.

custom illustrations

Yoga Illustrations

Studio 2D has designed several yoga books for Lois Steinberg. In both the Knees book and the Neck & Shoulders book, these diagrams were added to help students with their home practice. These simple drawings refer back to photos in the book. The pages can easily be removed or copied as a reference for daily practice.

Knees diagrams by Marlene Walters. Neck & Shoulders illustrations by Gretchen Wieshuber.

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