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illustration of Dolly and Kenny

Dolly and Kenny

The Manitou Art Center has a gala each year called MACnificent. During my term on the board of directors, I designed the theme and promotional materials for all our events. Our brainstorming for 2019 resulted in a “cheesy” theme. These illustration were fun to draw, especially adding lots of sequins.

On the left you can see a few of the applications of the Dolly and Kenny illustrations. At the entrance to the gala, we hung huge banners which were later auctioned off. We had signature drinks: the Dolly was a champagne cocktail and the Kenny was bourbon and soda. A costume contest awarded prizes to the best Kenny and the best Dolly. And to top off the cheesiness we had a mac ’n’ cheese bar.

Throw in some live music for a fun—albeit cheesy—party. Proceeds benefited the Manitou Art Center.

custom illustrations

Hand Control Illustrations

These illustrations were created for a retired police office who is publishing a book on techniques for safely restraining suspects. Now more than ever our law enforcement needs effective ways of deescalating tense situations. In this case, illustrations were more clear than photos.

curriculum cover design

Wits Workout

Activities backed by science to keep aging minds sharp comprise this curriculum.READ MORE

promotion design


Live fiber animals are the big draw at Tactile Textile Festival.READ MORE

package design

All My Money Curriculum

All My Money: Change for the Better is a financial management curriculum. It uses a hands-on, experiential approach geared toward persons with limited resources. READ MORE

conference promotion design

Illinois River Conference

“Fun and happy” is what the organizers of the Illinois River Conference asked for. We designed a poster, brochure, conference program, signs, and web graphics with this bright, playful theme.

custom illustration

The Fantasticks

The world’s longest running musical played at Parkland College’s new second stage. This Bah Humbug production needed promotional material with impact to get people motivated to see a familiar play in a new venue. The Fantasticks sold out every night of its run. Marketing pieces created by Studio 2D featured a custom illustration of the lead character.

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