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Ideas Made Visual

I use the power of graphic design to help my clients communicate clearly, authentically, and creatively. My ideal client is someone with a mission to educate or elevate their audience.

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Gretchen Wieshuber, design strategist
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Scientists, Thought Leaders, Educators

Do you want your ideas to have more impact so that you improve the lives of more people? Are you concerned your audience isn’t understanding your message? Do you wish your presentation had more visual appeal?

Professional graphic design presents your content in a way that your audience can easily understand. The design process naturally leads to clarity that connects with your audience.

I design fact sheets, curricula, worksheets, scientific journals, websites, e-books, and more. Diagrams, illustrations, and infographics are all part of what I do.


Whether you work solo or run a small company, you probably don’t have time to develop a visual brand and powerful marketing materials. When you are ready to stake your claim as best in class, I am here to help. All successful businesses reach the point when they need a brand makeover to catapult to the next level. A professional logo, consistent message, and beautiful website will tell the world that you dominate your niche.

I also work with startups who want to own their market from day one.

Marketing Directors, Editors, Publishers

Are you tired of graphic designers who don’t listen? Who give you grief over revisions and who miss deadlines? Would you like to work with a designer who delivers excellence with a smile? You know that good design brings your words to life, but sometimes designers can be a pain to work with.

My clients know that when a project moves from their desk to mine, they can relax. Experienced in both print and digital, my files are delivered to spec—on time every time.


Expert design for publications of all sizes and lengths: magazines, books, reports, newsletters, brochures.

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Logo design and visual branding for new and growing organizations. Includes color palette and style guide.

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Web Design

Beautiful websites and user interfaces. My programming team will develop any customizations you can imagine.

Studio 2D custom website design