green is the color of nature itself

Basic Color

“Color adds tremendous meaning to communication as it vitalizes the visual message, delivering an instantaneous impression.”

—Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color

Green is the color of nature itself. It is nurturing and secure. Deep greens are lush and prestigious. Light green is minty and refreshing.



Strategic Adjectives

When in the beginning stages of a design, I recommend using descriptive words before you settle on colors and imagery. READ MORE

Color Selection

We know the importance of precision when selecting a color scheme for a brand or project. (See the earlier post Introduction to Color.) But how do we decide on the colors themselves? Each color has a number of qualities that evoke cultural and personal associations in the mind, and elicit hormonal responses in the body. In choosing colors, you are essentially determining how customers will initially react to your product.READ MORE

Advanced Color

“All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.”

—Marc Chagall

Hue is another word for color.

Saturation describes a color’s intensity. Highly saturated colors are bright, vivid, or true. They are playful and festive. Less saturated colors are muted, dusty, or low key. They are relaxing and unobtrusive.READ MORE

Introduction to Color

With only a split-second glance, color can convey a memorable message. Color speaks to us by instantly evoking physiological reactions and cultural associations. Utilizing the ideas we link to colors helps a designer build a brand identity. So how do we describe colors and combine them into the message we want to send?READ MORE

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